About me



Ian Kelsey has worked as a series regular on BBC’s CasualtyDown to Earth and Doctors and for ITV, six series of Blue Murder. In between television work, Ian featured in the west end in Grease and Chicago The Musical.

Over the last 27 years in acting, he has always had a camera to hand, whether in the wings or on set. Ian has meticulously documented his life and career with photographs.

His love and passion for this form of expression comes across in his work and attention to detail. This he believes will ultimately help you get the shot you want. Ian uses his wealth of experience on set and stage to help him engage with the subject and clearly understand the type of shot required.





Whether acting, on social media or in business, your professional head shot is often the only link between you and the outside world. Your head shot should represent you appropriately. It has to say what you want it to say. It really should be amazing. Primarily though, it must look like you.

Before and during the session Ian will work with you to get the shot desire.

The shoot can be done in his studio or on location in Brighton, or even the beach.

Ian creates a relaxed fun atmosphere, without time or outfit restrictions. He continues until the client has the right shot.



Ian creates a fun and relaxed atmosphere, much like he does for adults. As a father himself, Ian knows a few tricks to create the right atmosphere in the right environment, the parent / guardian and child will feel comfortable to produce great shots.



'A picture is worth a thousand words'. So Ian focuses on telling more about the subject in his photographs.

He works together with the subject to design and create the portrait to tell the right story. Your imagination is your only limitation.



'A picture is worth a thousand words' said Fred R Barnard, of Printers' Ink, 1927.