On The Day

The All Important Headshot

If you are just starting out, your headshot is probably the first time a Casting Director, Producer or Director will get to see what you look like. If you have been in the game a while, first up, congratulations! But, it’s always a good option to keep the photo matching the ever changing face.

Whilst ‘researching’ different acting styles on Netflix, a great headshot should be doing all the work for you. That photo needs to say, “hey, look at me”, “I’ll be great on your tv show”, “I’ll be a great cast member”, “I’ll make you laugh”, “I’ll make you cry” “CAST ME”!

A good headshot tells us all about you and gets you into that casting room. Remember, when you get a casting, it means you are already good enough to do the job. The casting director isn’t going to bring anyone into that room that can’t do it, otherwise they are going to look pretty stupid.  

Your job is to get off book and get the gig. My job is to get you in that room. With a great headshot.

On the day

I have a beautiful flat looking onto the water in Shoreham By Sea, by Brighton, and I shoot from there. The session starts with Yorkshire tea. We’ll have a chat about you, what you want the headshot to do for you and what you want it to say. We’ll Talk about this crazy business of show, what job you did or didn’t get, how getting 6 pages of dialog to learn for a self tape the next day is ridiculous, and so on. That therapy is for free. Then I get the camera out. 

During the session, which should be no more than two hours, I will eek out every emotion and thought you mentioned over that cup of tea, with a few ideas of my own. I will capture that fleeting moment when all those things meet with an explosion of energy, I will bring your eyes alive. That moment lasts for half a second, its pretty exhausting getting there, but its worth it. We will take breaks and look at the photos to see if you like or don’t like certain angles, light that sort of thing, then we will go again. If you don’t like to look at yourself during a shoot, I’ll have a quick look and tell you how fantastic you are looking. Then drink more tea.

I’ll leave you with this. I’m sure she was referring to a headshot session.

Shoo wer niver soa handsome, bud whet a body mud look at her baht winking. 

                                                                                                              Emily Bronty.

Booking and price

£260 for a session in Shoreham, which will including 4 high resolution edited shots ready for printing or uploading to spotlight, imdb, etc. Also 4 low resolution for social media and on line use.

if you think you would like more time on the day for change of clothes, make up, hair, then, let’s chat. If you would like me to organise hair and make up that can easily be done but we would probably need three hours. I won’t charge for that extra hour, because I’m too nice, but who ever will be doing the refinery work will need paying.

After the booking I’ll send the shoot in low resolution form no later than the next working day. You will be able to share these with whoever to help make your choice. Once you have chosen the shots to be edited I’ll get the edited versions back to you within 7 days. If you want more than 4 edits, extra ones can be ordered at £25 an edit. I’m not that nice.

I do take suggestions for the re touching, but I can’t make any promises. If what offends is still going to be there in a month, it’s going to have to stay in the edit. 

if you are crazy busy and would like me to come to you then we can talk about that also. My set up is easily transportable and an average living room will be big enough. I’ll bring the tea bags. Travel and time will be factored into the price.

I take a deposit of £100 via bank transfer to secure the day and that is refundable up to 7 days before the date. Of course we can re schedule if a casting comes in. The remaining fee needs to be paid in full before the session begins. Otherwise the session can’t begin.

Drop me a line if you would like to book or have a chat about anything. 

On confirmation of booking I will send you some ideas which may help you prepare for the session, hair, clothes, colour of clothes, make up, sleep and how much water needs to be consumed prior to your trip to Shoreham.

Contact me HERE or email iankelsey@mac.com