During the session, which should be no more than two hours, i will eek out every emotion and thought you mentioned over that cup of tea, with a few ideas of my own. I will capture that fleeting moment when all those things meet with an explosion of energy, I will bring your eyes alive. That moment probably lasts for half a second and its pretty exhausting getting there, but like nailing a scene, its worth it. we will take breaks and look at the photos to see if you like or dont like certain angles, light that sort of thing, then we will go again. If you dont like to look at yourself during a shoot, ill have a quick look and tell you how fantastic you are looking. all in all, its an intense fun shoot, resulting in you being a happy customer.,

After the shoot ill send the low res shots to you no later than the next day and you can share that link with Aunty jean or you Agent.